14 May 2001

About The Teaist

What is The Teaist? The Teaist is my attempt to share my hobby of tea drinking with both people who already like tea, and people who would like to become more tea-literate. I review tea bags, loose tea, and commercially available pre-brewed bottled and canned tea, and on occasion I attempt to be witty.

What is your name? My name is Meryl. In my spare time when I'm not drinking tea, I'm an anthropologist.

What is your quest? To help you find teas that you will enjoy. I love tea, and it makes me very happy, which is why I want to spread the love around.

How do you pick teas to review? I review things that look good to me, or that fall into my hands via free samples. If you have a tea you want me to review, you can just leave me a comment and I'd be happy to oblige.


LoveDrinkingTea said...
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LoveDrinkingTea said...

Hi Meryl, I very much have enjoyed reading the articles on your website, like you I like to learn more about loose tea and where its from and how its produced. I came across a fab website about 12 months ago which is really worth while checking out, Tea and Coffee Company from what I have read they are a family business which has history in tea planation with the largest selection of loose tea I have seen.